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February 23, 2014

somebody is dreaming, too!

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Just now, an article posted in FB caught my attention. It was an article in a blog called idreamedofthis. The article is about the blog owner’s experiences while travelling in the Philippines. You can read the article, What I really think of the Philippines here.

I had to post it here in my soaring and dreaming blog for the obvious reason. As I titled this post, somebody is dreaming too! So let’s keep dreaming, and acting on them, as we are able!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASunset at Taringting Beach, San Jose, Antique …


February 13, 2014

cold weather still

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yes it is still cold here where i am…don’t know when it will end…have to wait for summer, when? in july – august hope the weather will be better. so in the meantime gotta wear thick clothes. one time i went to a shop. they were selling jumpers and the like. both acrylic and wool products. from the prices you can know which is a better choice. those with wool are much warmer but more expensive. so it really depends on your choice. i asked the seller and of course she recommended the pricier one but it is true of course. so to keep warm you have to invest in it a bit.


March 29, 2012

A pet?

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I saw this in a farm house in Scotland, when I walked up the stairs. I really thought it was real. Then after a second glance I realised it was not. But it looked cute enough to cuddle. It was just a decoration but a nice one.

May 20, 2010

What can Globe do with crimes committed through their cell phone system?

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Fraud through SMS is widespread. And pity those who have been targeted by fraudsters who seem to know them (victims) personally. Especially if the victims are old ladies who do not have anyone to protect them at that instant when the crime occurs. How evil can people get because of greed?

Take for instance this situation. A text message was sent to an old lady, and the sender acted as if he/she was the child of this woman. And the language used was their own dialect, using the nickname of the child known only to family and friends. Demanding for load for both Globe and Smart, using a Globe number. The fraudster said he/she has started a cell phone load business and needed the load for that number. And promised that he/she would send the old lady the money to pay her back. And this poor old lady, really thinking it was from one of her kids, obediently went to buy cell phone cards, scratched the cards, and sent the pin numbers by text. She had to go buy the cards on credit even. And the fraudster kept demanding her to be quick about it. Until the following day when the fraudster let his/her guard down by sending text using another language. Maybe they got too excited with their haul. That was when the old lady suspected that maybe she was being duped. And she started verifying and asking and to make the long story short, realized that she had been cheated by this fraudster using a Globe number.

So back to the title of this write-up: What can Globe do with crimes committed through their cell phone system?

Their 24 hour call center 211 could not be reached.

NTC offices are just open during office hours; there is no 24 hour service.

Their Globe Chat Assistant had no access to trace the location of the number. But at least they were able to temporarily disconnect the number. They suggested to file a report with the nearest NTC.

Nowhere in the Globe website does it say anything about fraud and what to do when this and similar other things happen to their users. If it is there it is not easily seen.

But what was really needed was information on how to recover the pin numbers sent to that Globe cell phone number in order to recover the money spent on it.

How can senior citizens be protected from all these wrong-doings by people who might even be people known to them, could be their neighbors or relatives or people whom they trust? What can our government do for them?

So what can Globe do with crimes committed through their cell phone system?

December 15, 2008

The Smile Award :)

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Hello and SMILE!!!
Got this from Renz over at the Live the Life of A Dreamer! Thanks, friend!


The qualifications to receive this award are:
A. Display a cheerful attitude.
B. Love one another.
C. Make mistakes.
D. Learn from others.
E. Be a positive contributor to the blog world.
F. Love life.
G. Love kids.

The Rules:
1. Please link back!
2. Post the rules
3. Choose 5 people to give it to
4. Recipients must fill the characteristics above
5. Create a post to share this
6. Thank the winners

So now I am giving this to my other SMILING friends:






Thanks for your friendship!

December 1, 2008

cool breeze, falling leaves

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yes, for many days now it’s been like this. nice eh? i keep going out of my office just to feel it … and to take a deep breath and inhale the “holiday” season … alas we do not have a holiday here just for that so … we will still be in office. we can take leave though. i am still thinking about it. gonna bake those oatmeal cookies for giving away. i still have to get the recipe from my friend who baked some a couple of weeks ago and they tasted nice. i hope they will taste the same when i bake them. soon there will be plenty of parties – christmas, year-end/new year, farewells, retirement, etc.

below are photos taken during our farewell party for phaung who left to work in singapore. good for her. these were taken months before, though!

lei, phaung, me

lei, phaung, me

with laksiri & pop

with laksiri & pop

cida-ait/sea-uema project team

cida-ait/sea-uema project team

October 6, 2008

On Saturday at the mall

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What do most people do on a Saturday? Unless there isn’t one in your town, I bet most people go to the mall. Last Saturday we went to a new one in Bangkok. It’s new for us as we have never been there before. It’s also new to the city as it opened only last July 08. Guess what mall is that? It’s called Chamchuri Square.

I have written something about it at my Sweet Carnation blog.

Read more …

October 3, 2008

Karay-a Arts Festival

To all Kinaray-a speakers, lovers and supporters of the culture & language out there:

The Karay-a Arts Festival will again be held this October (24-26) at the EBJ Freedom Park in San Jose, Antique, Philippines. So if you have time to spare come and join. Wish I can, too, but I will not be in Antique during that time. Hope the organizeres can provide updates through the Binirayan Foundation website. This is a celebration of the creative spirit which keeps the Karay-a culture alive through the years. The festival will feature folk arts and crafts, murals and paintings, performances and poetry readings, launchings, bazaars and al fresco dining and cafes at the Art Circle of EBJ Freedom Park.

Of course, this is not the only effort being done to promote Kinaray-a culture and language. There is also the Dungug Kinaray-a Sugidanon Contest, which is now in its second year. This is organized by the Dungug Kinaray-a soon-to-be-foundation. This initiative promotes story telling, literary writing and declamation in Kinaray-a. This year’s theme is “Japanese Occupation in the Philippines“.

Another effort which has a global reach is the kinaray-a.com website which aims to reunite Antiquenos all over the world. This is being administered by the Kinaray-a.com, Inc.

October 1, 2008

It’s October already!!!

stirling, scotland

stirling, scotland

October is the month I love the most! Because this is my birth month. And, ehems … I have a secret as well related to October. But I think that secret is not bloggable so I won’t write about it here. Not yet. Anyway, October was already my favorite even before that secret 🙂 So ok, it will be my birthday soon. I will be counting and adding another year to my age. Just a number. Well, what do you think? When I was in high  school I had a classmate who was born on the same day. Her name is Pansang, nickname for Esperanza. Such a nice name. She is a sweet girl with a nice singing voice. Always smiling, with a delightful laugh. I remember her clearly ‘coz we have the same birthday.

Christmas away from home...

Christmas away from home...

So back to the month of October. I know I am a bit late about this but I want to write about it just now, since it is October. It is now the “…ber” months, and in the Philippines, it signals that Christmas is approaching. Actually starting in September, people start doing some Christmas stuff already, i.e.  playing carols, writing gift lists, practicing for Christmas shows, etc. Even though I am not in the Philippines now I can still celebrate Christmas. I have learned a long time ago that it is not in the decorations and the trimmings, but in the heart, in knowing the truth of Christmas, that we can feel the true essence of the season. So no matter where I am I can still feel the spirit and joy of Christmas. It’s of course fun and nice to be with family and friends and especially to be in the Philippines at Christmas time. No doubt about that.



In temperate parts of the world October is the start of autumn/fall season, when the leaves change into a variety of colors. It is a nice sight and gives one a feeling of awe and amazement. When I first experienced that in Scotland it gave me a feeling of peace and silent joy! And it was good since in Scotland it was so cold and sometimes dark but the colors bring some brightness to each day. This is God’s way of saying that despite the dump there is something brighter; despite the despair there is hope, always.

GH Fever’s $1000 contest!

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I was amazed that such amount of money can be won! Check it out at GH Fever’s! The blog owner, Danny, has set some guidelines how to join, as follows:

So what are you waiting for now! Go and visit GH Fever’s now!

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