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May 23, 2008

Looking up to know

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Each day, look up. Experience the brightness of the new day. See the blue expanse of the sky and feel your heart and mind expand. Forgetting the cares of life, we can soar in our minds and only think of how vast the world is. When we are up there in the sky looking down on the earth, we can see that the space we occupy is so small, a mere dot, even less than a dot, in the whole scheme of things. This realization brings us down with a thud. Although we are small, we are also special in somebody’s eyes. What a comfort. We can still make a difference, no matter how small. So each day, think. What difference can we make … where we are. If only I can make a difference in one’s life today, no matter how big or small, I have lived life to the full, today. And I can sleep, knowing that my day was not lived in vain.


May 21, 2008

Comfort music

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There are comfort food, comfort shoes, comfort rooms, comfort whatever. We all need them at one point in our lives. Right now for me, I am listening to my comfort music. I have quite a few of them in my PC which I play whenever I do not want to listen to people around me, or I just don’t want to be disturbed unnecessarily. With my ears plugged to the music, I can be on a beach floating on a raft under a blue cloudless sky reading a nice book … Unless my boss comes in, of course!

I am used to working and reading despite the sounds/noises around me. But sometimes the noise gets too much so I’d better turn to pleasant noise! Especially when two people on the left and right side of my desk stand and talk above my head (literally)! As if I am just a tree between two fences, or maybe I am the fence? That is way beyond what is normal, and so disrespectful. As I am writing this piece the voice of Yeng Constantino singing Hawak Kamay is blasting in my ear. Oh … so comforting, so uplifting, so relaxing. I’ve played it twice already and now I am playing it again. I never get tired of hearing her voice and the melody of this song. I think it reminds me of home and happy times with my family. I first heard it last year in April 2007 when I visited home. And so somehow I associate this song with happy times. And when I am feeling a bit hassled in the office, I just turn to it. I also have a set of gospel/inspirational music, and songs from my yesteryears … a compilation of songs we used to sing way back in high school.

Listening to these songs comforts me and makes me feel a bit better and more upbeat towards life. And at 9:30 am, the day is still long and it is good not to be downhearted early in the morning, with still so many things to face as time moves on.

May 19, 2008

Rain & thanks

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Now, it is raining heavily. I like the sound of the rain on the roof. It’s good that it’s a holiday here in Thailand. So we are at home. It is during times like this that I can simply be thankful for a roof over my head. And not out there under the rain. Although there were many times when I was still small that we really enjoyed playing in the rain. Every time it started to get dark, we would will it to rain so we could go out of the house and play. Of course on the pretext that we would help with the clean up of the leaves and other debris esp from the roof. So the water could drop easily onto the container where we collected rainwater. That, too, we did, along with playing with my siblings. But now, where I am, I think people would think I am crazy if I went out and ran around our campus enjoying the rain. I wouldn’t mind if I have others with me, like my hubby. But no way will I ever convince him because he had a totally opposite experience when he was growing up. They were just not allowed to go out and get wet in the rain, because his parents said it was not good for health, and they would get sick from the cold. Well, that could be true in some places and with some people.

May 16, 2008

Finally …

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This is my first blog in WordPress so why am I naming it “Finally”? There’s a story behind it. For quite some time now I wanted to have a blog here but I seem not able to get the hang of it. I had several blogs hosted by others and it takes a bit to be familiar with this one. Then I finally got familiar with it and so there … I will be posting here as well. Hope I can link this with my other blogs so I don’t keep copying and pasting every time.

Hair and eyes

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This morning there was some foreign body in my right eye. My eye felt so irritated. The first time I looked into the mirror I did not see it. After some time working due to a deadline, I still felt that there was something in my eye. So I took out my small mirror and really looked closely. Usually it was a piece of eye lash, that thick black thing. It would have been easier to spot and take out. But it was not. I did not see anything really. But then I looked more closely and carefully. Then I saw it. A very thin, fine piece of hair. No wonder I felt it but I could not see it at first glance. It took me quite some time to take it out because it was really sticking onto my eye, and one end was under the eyelid. My eye was feeling hurt already as I press the tissue to remove the hair out. Good thing my tear glands were working and it helped lots. Finally after maybe about five minutes of gently stroking I was able to take it out. What a relief! When I looked at that piece of hair, a very thin one, I could not imagine how much irritation it could give. It was 4 cm long. It made me think that many times in our lives there are these “thin and fine pieces of hair” that get into our eyes, rather lives. Disturbing us, giving us discomfort, irritating us, making us inefficient and see unclearly … until they are removed. There is just no way for us to say that we will forget about it, because it is still there, and since it is not supposed to be there, we could really feel it. Removing can be painful, and we need those “tears”. In life, removing all these “thin and fine pieces of hair that irritate our eyes” can also be a painful experience. But what a relief when they are gone. No pain, no gain! However, I think that there are some things in life that go beyond this “hair and eye” thing. Situations that just defy the theory of, “if it irritates, remove it, and you’ll be relieved”. Because there are times when we just have to live with it, or resolve it by other means. It takes discernment and wisdom to know which is which. So let us open our eyes to be more wise, but be careful of those thin and not so thin pieces of hair that irritate our eyes.

May 2, 2008

Hello world!

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