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August 22, 2008

Training ended

The past two weeks had been very hectic. I was so busy with my participation in the Sustainable Communities Course that I had no time at all to write in this blog. I was planning to make a training diary but I did not have the time. And time just flew so fast! And today we had our closing ceremonies. Prior to that we had our presentation of our group case study. Our group used a variety of styles in presenting our message – our dream for Bangkok’s transportation and energy situation. We had a brief reporting, then some interactive activities with the other participants who role played as the stakeholders. We had them draw their own dream for Bangkok’s transport system, how they see it in year 2020; then there was a game similar to snakes and ladders, but this time it could be called, vehicles and arrows! We had the whole group engaged in doing these activities and it was really fun! Then our finale was a song and rap presentation of a poem yours truly wrote. Will post that here later. We sang the chorus to the tune of Happy Birthday so that it is easy to remember the music. Then the verses we rapped or chanted them. We had bongos and Indian drums with us. I have to look for photos of today’s activity and post them here. The media unit was there to video the proceedings!

We had an evaluation session later after lunch and then the certificate ceremony! Two weeks have passed and new friendships and networks have been formed. We hope we can continue to exchange and discuss issues affecting our places and communities and learn from each other! Au revoir!


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