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September 12, 2008

Time for some funny stuff

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I read this from Jesi’s multiply (Ministry of Mindful Thoughts). It’s so funny and shows how Pinoys are full of sense of humor and creativity. I could not understand a couple of them though (I need time to process or digest them first ha ha ha). Do you think only Pinoys can understand this? I will let Key read this and see if he can get it. Maybe I will also let my colleagues from other countries read this and see what their opinions are.


1. Parlor in San Juan is named “Cut & Face”.
2. Wholesaler of balut in Sto.Tomas, Batangas: “Starduck”.
3. My brother’s party needs business: “Balloon-Balloonan” .
4. Internet cafe opened among squatters named “Cafe Pindot”. (Is there a Café Pisil nearby?)
5. In Manila, there’s a laundry named, “Summa Cum Laundry”.
6. A store selling fresh chicken, owned by woman named Dina: “Dina Fresh Chicken”.
7. A pet shop in Kamuning: “Pakita Mo Pet Mo”.
8. Bakery: “Bread Pit”.
9. Bank in Alabang: “Alabank”.
10. Restaurant in Pampanga named, “Mekeni Rogers”.
11. Restaurant in Pasig : “Johnny’s Fried Chicken: The “Fried’ of Marikina”.
12. A tombstone maker in Antipolo: “Lito Lapida”.
13. A copy center in Sikatuna Village called “Pakopya ni Edgar”.
14. Salon: “Hair Do t Comb”.
15. A goto resto: “Goto Ko Pa!”
16. Internet cafe in Taguig named, “n@kopi@”.
17. Name of a kambingan, “Sa Goat K ita”.
18. Laundry shop: “Wash Your Problem”.
19. A lugawan in Sta. Maria, Bulacan: “Gee Congee”.
20. A bakery: “Anak Ng Tinapay”.
21. A store selling feeds for chickens: “Robocock”.
22. Shoe repair in Marikina : “Dr. Shoe-Bago”.
23. Shoe repair store along Commonwealth, “SHOEPERMAN: we will HEEL you, save your SOLE, and even DYE for you”.
24. Petshop: “Petness First”
25. Flower shop: “Susan’s Roses”. (I heard there’s another florist nearby whose store is named “Petal Attraction” )
26. Taxicab: “Income Taxi”.
27. A 2nd hand watch store: “2nd Time Around”.
28. A squid stall in a wet market: “Pusit to the Limit”.
29. A barbershop in Cagayan de Oro: “Pinoy Big Barber”.
30. Panaderia: “Trimonay Bakeshop”.
31. A ceiling installer: “Kisame Street “.
32. A car repair shop: “Bangga ka ‘day?”
33. An aquatic pet store in Malolos: “Fish Be With You.
34. Neighborhood pizza store: “Pizza Hot”.
35. A beauty salon: “Saudia Hairlines”.
36. This mobile massage business name isn’t funny, but their slogan is: “Asian Mobile Massage Service: Massage only, God is watching.”

Steps going up can leave you breathless ...

Steps going up to the Bondoc's can make you breathless ...

Appropriately named resto

Appropriately named resto



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  3. […] Sense of humor is important on a day to day basis. It’s been said of the Pinoys that we are pretty ingenuous when it comes to making light of things, not because we are escapists, but maybe because we are a “happy” people … as ordinary people we don’t resort to guns to solve our problems. We tend to see the lighter side of things. One display of a Pinoy’s sense of humor is in the play of words. Common words and familiar trademarks and expressions are re-invented to make it truly Pinoy sounding. Read more about this in the blog I wrote entitled, Time for some funny stuff … […]

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  4. Flower shop: “Susan’s Roses”. <<< ive actually seen this on a photo somewhere. 🙂

    Comment by lararinna — September 12, 2008 @ 6:55 am

  5. hi lara, yup..there are other emails floating around with more of this stuff! they are so funny i enjoy reading them.

    Comment by Jigsz — September 12, 2008 @ 7:08 am

  6. as predicted, key was only able to get a few of the funny words … 🙂

    Comment by jigsz — September 16, 2008 @ 11:46 am

  7. poor brother key 🙂

    Comment by lararinna — September 17, 2008 @ 9:57 am

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