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September 19, 2008

Field Trip to Chiangmai (Part 2)

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(It seems a pity not to continue this. Actually I’ve written this since last 1 Sept yet and it is only now that I remember …)

nice umbrellas, all handmade!

nice umbrellas, all handmade!

Next stop was the umbrella factory in Bo Sang. We did some shopping there while some had on the spot painting on their slacks and bags. That was quite exciting and the artists were so talented. It was a nice set-up and it helps people with talent to earn some income. We smelt some nicely brewing coffee so we followed it and found a small coffee shop just outside. We had a short coffee break and rested before we set off to Doi Suthep. It was nearly 5 pm. We felt so tired already and we were glad for the long drive up to Doi Suthep so we could sleep. However our sleep was interrupted once in a while by our guide who would tell us what was on the left or on the right when we passed some interesting site. So we had to wake up again.

empowering women

empowering women

pretty umbrellas

pretty umbrellas

Anyway, we got to Doi Suthep and it was amazing to see the view of the city from the top. In addition, there were so many photo opps for those who still have a full load of their camera batteries. It was also nice since we went there a bit later in the afternoon, and after the rain, so it was cool. It was so different from the hot and balmy weather of the city, and it could get quite peaceful if there are no visitors roaming around. A soothing music was playing so that helped a bit. We used the cable car in going up and down as we did not have that much energy to use the hundreds of steps. The cable car we used the first time I went there, nearly 20 years ago, was different as it was open and we could see the view while going up. And then since we were still young then, we used the steps to go back down.

city view from the doi

city view from the doi

We left Doi Suthep after a few minutes of waiting for our bus. While waiting the vendors selling paintings, silver and other Thai stuff milled around us trying to make a sale. One could really get a good bargain if one knows how. For e.g. the final price of a simple silver necklace was between 80 to 100 baht from the original quoted price of 200 baht. As we left Doi Suthep, our trip leader, Ms. Uma kept saying that the next activity after our buffet supper was the Night Bazaar tour, and that we should not forget to interview the vendors and tourists about Chiangmai and any relevant topic for our training. Oh well, that’s true. I am sure those in the Chiangmai case study groups had a very fruitful time collecting data and information! I am sure also that they and all of us were able to obtain much more than that as we had nearly 2 hours there. We had to hurry through our buffet supper so that we could maximize our time at the NB.

view from the cable car

view from the cable car

Then time for the flight back to Bangkok. We were sort of rejuvenated by the NB activity so we did not really feel tired at all. We arrived back at AIT at nearly 1 am the following day.



  1. […] Have you ever been to Chiangmai, north Thailand? They say it is similar to Baguio in the Phils in terms of it being a summer capital. Well there are similarities but there are also differences. I went there last August and you can read all about it in my soaring and dreaming blog. Just click on this link. […]

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  2. Ms. Jigsz.. Glad to hear that you went to Chiang Mai. It has been at least 17 years since the last time we went there. Thanks for the details. Suddenly I am a little homesick.. Regards to you and Bro. Key

    Comment by merlie — September 19, 2008 @ 1:13 pm

  3. hi merls, yup, pls come and visit again … will be glad to meet you and your family! regards!

    Comment by jigsz — September 19, 2008 @ 3:54 pm

  4. It good trip.I want to go that.

    Comment by ร้านอาหารเชียงใหม่ — June 16, 2010 @ 1:51 am

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