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May 23, 2008

Looking up to know

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Each day, look up. Experience the brightness of the new day. See the blue expanse of the sky and feel your heart and mind expand. Forgetting the cares of life, we can soar in our minds and only think of how vast the world is. When we are up there in the sky looking down on the earth, we can see that the space we occupy is so small, a mere dot, even less than a dot, in the whole scheme of things. This realization brings us down with a thud. Although we are small, we are also special in somebody’s eyes. What a comfort. We can still make a difference, no matter how small. So each day, think. What difference can we make … where we are. If only I can make a difference in one’s life today, no matter how big or small, I have lived life to the full, today. And I can sleep, knowing that my day was not lived in vain.

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