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July 1, 2008

Spain won!

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I was not able to finish watching the match early Monday morning as I was soooo very sleepy. But I am sure glad I was able to watch that one goal made by Torres which made Spain the champions of Euro 2008! And after 4 decades of being nothing, they have finally done it! Good job. You might be asking what is it to me if they won? Well, I just liked the way they play. They are so passionate about it! Indeed, they deserve to win!  Alas most people here do not share my enthusiasm but it’s good my husband shares the same interest. So I am already happy with that! Congratulations to all the whole team and to the fans!

June 29, 2008

Football Euro 2008

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I am currently watching the Final Match of Euro 2008 with Germany and Spain sweating it out for the Championship. It is now 23 minutes into the game and there is no goal yet. Watching the game is so exciting. It is being shown in a couple of local channels here in Thailand with commentaries in Thai. We do not have the sports cable channel so we could not listen to the commentary in English. It’s ok as I can understand Thai. Sometimes I mute the sound and just watch the action. But my dear hubby (who is a Thai) asked me why I muted it. He was doing something else in his computer so he was just listening to the commentaries. Sometimes I call his attention when there is excitement in the action. But the game is so fast paced you really have to watch it so as not to miss anything. It is now 29 minutes and a few attempts have already been made to make the goal, especially on the Spanish side. My fingers are typing here but my eyes are on the TV screen. It is now 2:16 am and I have to go work in 6 hours’ time. I want to stay on to watch but I do not know whether my eyes will stay open until the game ends. I don’t want to miss this final match. Some friends are surprised that I watch football matches. Football (soccer) is not as popular as basketball and baseball in the Philippines. But I happened to be assigned for four years in Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo, a town where football is the main sport. No basketball courts could be found in that town and nearly everybody plays football! I was also there during a national football tournament in the late 80s. I am preparing another blog entry about this.

I just screamed because Spain got one goal in 32:37 minutes by Torres!!!! Now maybe I can sleep! But maybe not yet.

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