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July 12, 2020

Embracing Change

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Change is inevitable so might as well embrace it. It has been said that much of the world has moved into the digital space. Even those who have never dreamed to be online are now even making their living from it. During the past few months of the pandemic, nearly everyone was online for all the activities that need to be done. Then there is digital business.

Let us share our story how and why we came to be involved into this digital business, despite being researchers, and specifically a university lecturer (my husband) and until recently, a development worker (yours truly). 

Last April, because of my forthcoming unemployment status, I was browsing through the internet when I came across a website with this question: Why work for others if you can be your own Boss? This made me think deeply. I have been working as an employee for many years, and my work life has been characterized by the cycle of applying for a job – working under contract – end of contract – then applying for another job again. However, family and social responsibilities and commitments are continuous and constant, whether we have jobs or not, right? How do we meet them after job contracts end? This cycle has gone on for many years and this time, it is time to break it, and make a change. So we responded to the invitation for a free webinar, and we started our own digital business. By following a proven and tested business strategy and system, we were able to set-up smoothly, despite not being IT experts. We have a mentor and a coach, and a community of 50K like-minded global business partners who provide support and encouragement.

We are inviting anyone who is interested in change, in a new way of doing things, and in making their dreams possible, to come and register for a FREE webinar, and join our amazing global community. We can take action and now we are digital business owners. Check out our website at jks-resources.com to register. See you there.  

You are invited to a FREE webinar!

June 29, 2020

When a change is needed

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When I got the two weeks’ notice in early April that my services in the project I was involved in were no longer needed, I was left wondering what I should do next. With the pandemic going on, activities were (and still are) at a stand-still. My husband and I discussed our options and he was supportive to venture into what we have been doing everyday. Looking at the online world, not only as consumers but also being involved as entrepreneurs.

Grateful then to come across this digital business that allows us to work from the comforts of our home or while on the road. We own our time, and we can manage and balance our tasks, giving us more quality time with loved ones and friends, near and far.

We are motivated and have a positive mindset, to achieve our goals, to live our dreams, and prepare for our golden years. We are learning new skills and alternative ways of doing things. As a result, we have met new people along the way, and are now friends and business partners.

We can meet and talk, too. Have a nice day.

June 6, 2008

Handling noise pollution in the workplace

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Human noise is inevitable in the workplace. Indoor noise pollution is the end result of activities created by humans in disturbing the peace and quiet of a certain space. It has been well-known among users in a certain room here on campus that the level of pollution is high, affecting physical health of almost all users. Yet nothing has been done about it. It is also well-known in the past that despite the large number of users in this particular room, there is still quietness  as everyone concentrates on his/her own work. When there needs to be some discussion, everyone can talk and participate. However, recently, a certain occurrence of indoor noise pollution has been observed. And the level is rising. This has led to others who are disturbed to do any of the following:

1. jam their ears with earplugs and listen to music, sometimes at a high volume to drown out the noise pollution;
2. leave the room and abandon whatever work that needs to be done;
3. transfer to another room such as the meeting room (if available) to do some work there – this is only possible if the person has his/her own notebook computer;
4. go for a coffee break (but you can only do this at most twice a day)!

There might be other ways to handle this issue. The best way is to let the noise polluters know that they are polluting the environment and to reduce the level of their noise. The dilemma is how to inform them in a way that will not create misunderstandings and other ballyhoo, leading to misinterpretations. To let them know that if they want to talk about things in their own language, or if they want to argue noisily, they can go out of the room and discuss it there. It is assumed that as professionals, people have to be considerate of the others especially in a tight space as this particular room, as all are here to work (hope so), and as a team people are working to achieve the same goals (hope hope so).

Can indoor noise pollution be a solid ground for leaving the job? If so, it’s now time to find a better job where people’s health is not endangered, and where there’s peace and quiet to be able to work efficiently.

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