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June 24, 2008

Frank, what have you done?

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So many were left homeless and without anything...relief work going on to clothe and feed them.We woke up with shock to hear what happened a few days ago in the Philippines, particularly in my province, Antique, and nearby provinces in Panay Island. Frank the super-super typhoon caused havoc and destruction, flash floods – from water rushing from the mountains, burst dams, high tide coinciding with lots of water, strong waves and winds causing ships and barges to overturn and sink, loss of many lives … Most of the places destroyed are rice growing areas. The rice has just been planted, so come October, there will not be enough rice to harvest. Even before the storm the country, as in other places, was already facing many crises, from economic to political, and now this … If we do not have hope, we will think that it is the end of the world. But thank God, there is always hope. As long as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the afternoon, there is hope. And during these troubled times, with people grieving for their lost loved ones, with people rendered homeless, penniless, facing starvation and thirst, and many more … we have hope because those who have something to share are giving hope to all those affected. The outpouring of love and care and devotion to help in so many ways, from both near and far, goes beyond duty. We could not just turn away from this situation. Let us do our part in helping, wherever we are, so those affected will not lose hope. That they can keep looking up to heaven to thank Him who compels all to love and to help and to give. Thanks to everybody who has helped in one way or another … let us continue with the good works which God has prepared for us in advance to do.

Check these links for more info and for photos: http://www.kinaray-a.com; http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-38998

June 21, 2008

50 Promises for Marriage

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Somebody sent me this by email and I think it is worth reading. These are just some practical ideas which will make married life exciting day by day. Just 50, as there are still many more that makes a marriage …

1.Start each day with a kiss. 2.Wear your wedding ring at all times. 3.Date once a week. 4.Accept diffrences. 5.Be polite. 6.Be gentle. 7.Give gifts. 8.Smile Often. 9.Touch. 10.Talk about dreams. 11.Select a song that can be “our song”. 12.Give back rubs. 13.Laugh together. 14.Send a card for no reason. 15.Do what the other person wants before he or she asks. 16. Listen. 17.Encourage. 18.Do it his or her way. 19.Know his or her needs. 20.Fix the other person’s breakfast. 21.Compliment twice a day. 22.Call during the day. 23.Slow down. 24.Hold hands. 25. Cuddle. 26. Ask for each other’s opinion. 27.Show respect. 28.Welcome each other home. 29.Look your best. 30.Wink at each other. 31.Celebrate birthdays in a big way. 32.Apologize. 33.Forgive. 34.Set up a romantic getaway. 35.Ask, “What can i do to make you happier?” 36.Be positive. 37.Be kind. 38.Be vulnerable. 39.Respond quickly to the other person’s request. 40.Talk about our love. 41.Reminisce about our favorite times together. 42.Treat other’s friends and relatives with courtesy. 43.Send flowers on Valentine’s Day and anniversary. 44.Admit when wrong. 45.Be sensitive to each other’s sexual desires. 46.Pray for each other daily. 47.Watch sunsets together. 48.Say “I love you” frenquently. 49.End the day with a hug. 50.Seek outside help when needed.

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