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October 1, 2008

It’s October already!!!

stirling, scotland

stirling, scotland

October is the month I love the most! Because this is my birth month. And, ehems … I have a secret as well related to October. But I think that secret is not bloggable so I won’t write about it here. Not yet. Anyway, October was already my favorite even before that secret 🙂 So ok, it will be my birthday soon. I will be counting and adding another year to my age. Just a number. Well, what do you think? When I was in high  school I had a classmate who was born on the same day. Her name is Pansang, nickname for Esperanza. Such a nice name. She is a sweet girl with a nice singing voice. Always smiling, with a delightful laugh. I remember her clearly ‘coz we have the same birthday.

Christmas away from home...

Christmas away from home...

So back to the month of October. I know I am a bit late about this but I want to write about it just now, since it is October. It is now the “…ber” months, and in the Philippines, it signals that Christmas is approaching. Actually starting in September, people start doing some Christmas stuff already, i.e.  playing carols, writing gift lists, practicing for Christmas shows, etc. Even though I am not in the Philippines now I can still celebrate Christmas. I have learned a long time ago that it is not in the decorations and the trimmings, but in the heart, in knowing the truth of Christmas, that we can feel the true essence of the season. So no matter where I am I can still feel the spirit and joy of Christmas. It’s of course fun and nice to be with family and friends and especially to be in the Philippines at Christmas time. No doubt about that.



In temperate parts of the world October is the start of autumn/fall season, when the leaves change into a variety of colors. It is a nice sight and gives one a feeling of awe and amazement. When I first experienced that in Scotland it gave me a feeling of peace and silent joy! And it was good since in Scotland it was so cold and sometimes dark but the colors bring some brightness to each day. This is God’s way of saying that despite the dump there is something brighter; despite the despair there is hope, always.

June 6, 2008

Handling noise pollution in the workplace

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Human noise is inevitable in the workplace. Indoor noise pollution is the end result of activities created by humans in disturbing the peace and quiet of a certain space. It has been well-known among users in a certain room here on campus that the level of pollution is high, affecting physical health of almost all users. Yet nothing has been done about it. It is also well-known in the past that despite the large number of users in this particular room, there is still quietness  as everyone concentrates on his/her own work. When there needs to be some discussion, everyone can talk and participate. However, recently, a certain occurrence of indoor noise pollution has been observed. And the level is rising. This has led to others who are disturbed to do any of the following:

1. jam their ears with earplugs and listen to music, sometimes at a high volume to drown out the noise pollution;
2. leave the room and abandon whatever work that needs to be done;
3. transfer to another room such as the meeting room (if available) to do some work there – this is only possible if the person has his/her own notebook computer;
4. go for a coffee break (but you can only do this at most twice a day)!

There might be other ways to handle this issue. The best way is to let the noise polluters know that they are polluting the environment and to reduce the level of their noise. The dilemma is how to inform them in a way that will not create misunderstandings and other ballyhoo, leading to misinterpretations. To let them know that if they want to talk about things in their own language, or if they want to argue noisily, they can go out of the room and discuss it there. It is assumed that as professionals, people have to be considerate of the others especially in a tight space as this particular room, as all are here to work (hope so), and as a team people are working to achieve the same goals (hope hope so).

Can indoor noise pollution be a solid ground for leaving the job? If so, it’s now time to find a better job where people’s health is not endangered, and where there’s peace and quiet to be able to work efficiently.

May 23, 2008

Looking up to know

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Each day, look up. Experience the brightness of the new day. See the blue expanse of the sky and feel your heart and mind expand. Forgetting the cares of life, we can soar in our minds and only think of how vast the world is. When we are up there in the sky looking down on the earth, we can see that the space we occupy is so small, a mere dot, even less than a dot, in the whole scheme of things. This realization brings us down with a thud. Although we are small, we are also special in somebody’s eyes. What a comfort. We can still make a difference, no matter how small. So each day, think. What difference can we make … where we are. If only I can make a difference in one’s life today, no matter how big or small, I have lived life to the full, today. And I can sleep, knowing that my day was not lived in vain.

May 21, 2008

Comfort music

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There are comfort food, comfort shoes, comfort rooms, comfort whatever. We all need them at one point in our lives. Right now for me, I am listening to my comfort music. I have quite a few of them in my PC which I play whenever I do not want to listen to people around me, or I just don’t want to be disturbed unnecessarily. With my ears plugged to the music, I can be on a beach floating on a raft under a blue cloudless sky reading a nice book … Unless my boss comes in, of course!

I am used to working and reading despite the sounds/noises around me. But sometimes the noise gets too much so I’d better turn to pleasant noise! Especially when two people on the left and right side of my desk stand and talk above my head (literally)! As if I am just a tree between two fences, or maybe I am the fence? That is way beyond what is normal, and so disrespectful. As I am writing this piece the voice of Yeng Constantino singing Hawak Kamay is blasting in my ear. Oh … so comforting, so uplifting, so relaxing. I’ve played it twice already and now I am playing it again. I never get tired of hearing her voice and the melody of this song. I think it reminds me of home and happy times with my family. I first heard it last year in April 2007 when I visited home. And so somehow I associate this song with happy times. And when I am feeling a bit hassled in the office, I just turn to it. I also have a set of gospel/inspirational music, and songs from my yesteryears … a compilation of songs we used to sing way back in high school.

Listening to these songs comforts me and makes me feel a bit better and more upbeat towards life. And at 9:30 am, the day is still long and it is good not to be downhearted early in the morning, with still so many things to face as time moves on.

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